Sunday, September 2

Sunday Sports

+ Bummed to see Rodney Harrison busted for banned substances. The drive to perform and win in the NFL inspires a lot of bad choices.

+ Iowa and Carolina won their openers, though not without concerns. At least the Iowa running game looked good.

+ App State beat Michigan at the Big House. Wholey moley! Good for them!

+ Krzyzewski has the national team righted; they crushed their opponents in Olympic qualifying. What a relief.

+ Red Sox rook throws a no hitter in his second game after being called up to the bigs. Guess he'll stay a while.


Marshall Benbow said...

When you say "Carolina" won its opener, who do you mean? Certainly not USC. ;)

Brad Boydston said...

"Guess he'll stay a while." -- Past performance is no guarantee of future results. This is the frustrating thing about baseball -- the constant turn-over. A no hitter this week counts for something -- but not that much. If he hits a slump in two months he's gone -- maybe for good.

Sean Meade said...

sorry to be unclear, Brad. there was a major storyline in the article about how he was slated to go back down right away, but they're going to keep him up, at least for awhile.