Sunday, September 23

Intro to Brú na Bóinne

I'm really into ancient history and prehistory. In researching our trip to Ireland, I found out that some of the most significant prehistoric sites in the world are in County Meath.

I wanted to go to County Meath, anyway, because that is supposedly the provenance of our family name (though our Meades didn't emigrate from that area of Ireland, having already moved west). In fact, 'Meath' is often pronounced 'Meade' with the 'th' shortened to 'd'.

Plus, we were going to spend the majority of our time in Dublin, and County Meath is just the next one up. Easy to get to.

Brú na Bóinne (Palace of the Boyne) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This area is rich with neolithic structures, the greatest of which are the three megalithic passage tombs of Knowth, Newgrange, and Dowth.

Okay, I went to look for a map for you and totally spazzed out on Google Maps.

I mostly followed this map. Here's another one.

I guess what happened is I found this map but was not satisfied.

More to come...

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