Friday, September 14

Someone saved (someone saved, someone saved) my life [Monday] night

I had the worst case of hiccups I have ever had. I could not sleep. I couldn't even get into bed for fear of waking Christine. I tried to watch some Monday Night Football, to relax, to surf a little bit. No good.

So, finally, in deperation, I Googled best hiccup cure, and I found it.

The 30 Second Cure for Hiccups worked for me as advertised and I could only have been more grateful if I had been better rested.


Jim said...

Or maybe you could say "Google" saved your life! :-)

A cure that has worked when we have bad hiccups is to eat a tablespoon of peanut butter, by itself...strange, but true....this worked for me when the "30 second" method failed. And I had used that for years. Yes!
Just keep it in mind, just in case you ever need plan "B".

Anonymous said...

The cure that has almost always worked for me is very similar, I think. I take a glass of room-temperature water. Then I take a breath, hold it, and begin drinking the water while still holding my breath. It's hard to drink while holding my breath, and it becomes harder and harder to keep taking swallows of water, but I keep on until I just can't do it any more and have to stop drinking to take a breath. If this method doesn't work on the first try, I just do it again and generally it will work that time. I've never timed it, but it may be that it takes about 30 seconds, just as your cure does. It seems like it may be working on the same principle as your cure.