Wednesday, June 29


+ I stayed up too late flying around in Google Earth. Wow, that thing's cool. Mt St Helens in the Sightseeing folder was especially cool.

+ U.S. military says can defeat nuclear-armed N.Korea. OK. But here's a question for you: what does S.Korea want?

+ I got a hookup with some old Trip Shakespeare albums and man am I diggin' them! Remember when Josh in 'Clueless' wore one of their shirts? (bet it was Paul Rudd's) That was cool!

+ Proposal to build a hotel on Justice Souter's property. A little over the top, but pretty funny. Was it just me, or did the Supremes rule on Monday for for the establishment and against the little guy in every case on Monday? I disagreed with most of the rulings (though, I'm admittedly, not very knowledgeable, probably not even competent to judge, really, but, hey, I have an opinion... and a weblog!): against Grokster, against the reporters, for the cable companies,

I happen to agree with the Court's rulings on the Ten Commandments (context matters), and the right of cities to annex property (it's the one referenced in the link above.)
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