Wednesday, June 15

Today's links: Google Sat edition

I'm torn: if you really wanted these links, you'd subscribe to/bookmark Google Sightseeing. On the other hand, I'm geeked out about it, and you might see something interesting.

+ Olivenhain Dam, San Diego County

The 308 by 2,400 foot Olivenhain Dam appears to be nearing completion in this photo, although it's still under construction (there's a yellow crane at the centre).

As part of San Diego County Water Authority's US$827 million Emergency Storage Project, the dam does not block a stream or river but instead boxes off a 200 acre man-made reservoir (to the north) which will be filled with 7.8 billion gallons of imported water. The project is expected to be completed in 2010 (more information).

+ Earle Naval Weapons Station

This 2.2 mile long trident off the Northern New Jersey shore is actually Earle Naval Weapons Station. Apparently the pier is capable of providing ammunition to nearly every class of ship operated by the United States Navy and Coast Guard and there's a few ships docked in this ground level shot.

+ Camp Pendleton, California

This is a US Navy hovercraft base at Camp Pendelton, California. You can see some of the hovercraft parked up, and there is a massive ramp that goes down to the beach for them to get straight out onto the water. The giant 'GO NAVY' slogan on the tarmac seems to be a common feature on lots of these bases. I found this article about the base complete with a cool photo of a few hovercraft on the tarmac.

+ Incredibly Long Trains

Looks like these trains are stopped at a level crossing on the Burlington Northern railroad track in Wyoming. The Northern one is chopped off by some low-res imagery, but scroll south to see just how incredibly long they are! Amazing.

In the comments, Eric Smith said:

These are unit coal trains, typically 100-115 cars long. These were probably going from/to the Powder River Basin in Wyoming, which is just north of the photo you found. Here is the loading loop, large enough to run one of these trains in a circle.

You can see that the image was taken just after the two ends of the train passed each other, as the black carts are fully loaded with coal.

+ Saint Lawrence Seaway

You don't often see a river running under a river ! This is the Welland Canal, a part of the Saint Lawrence Seaway which is the system of canals that permits ocean-going vessels to travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes as far as Lake Superior. You can see the size of of the ships a little further South at the edge of Lake Erie (thumbnail #2), and there's another to the North .

10 villages were submerged to allow the construction of the Saint Lawrence Seaway, and apparently a few remnants of sidewalks and building foundations can be still be seen under the water in some places!

+ Combine Harvesters

It's harvest time in the fields near Salinas and most farmers seem to have at least one combine working the land. In one of the fields you can see five combine harvesters.

(And that, my friends, drops my saved Bloglines links to 28. Bwa ha ha!)
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