Tuesday, June 21

'Til Tuesday

+ Democrats playing politics with Bolton - W.House. This makes me furious. Like the President isn't playing politics with that statement, or by trying to ram through nominees. Heck, maybe the problem is he isn't playing politics enough - isn't willing to make compromises or try to work with the other party. He won't move. They ask to see memos. He won't budge. If he won't play ball, why should they? It makes me crazy...

+ Google May Expand Into Online Payments. I read about this somewhere yesterday. Something that isn't in this article is that Google already handles a small number of payments through its ad service. They might have a fair amount of infrastructure that they can (as usual over there) scale up.

+ Jaq's got a post taking Wal-Mart to task, which you know I have to link.

+ Google Sat expands:

Today Google quietly updated its map service to add high-resolution aerial photography for much more of the globe than the previous limited coverage of North America. New additions include Scotland, Iceland, Kuwait and many, many more.
+ Question to myself: If you're so opposed to GTD, why are you so obsessed with it?

Answer to myself: Don't you think 'obsessed' is a little exaggerated?

Anyway, I did take some cues from Space-Age Wasteland on GTD with gmail (note: if you want or need a gmail account, just ask. I've got 50 invites.). What I needed, since I'm not messing with a calendaring program anymore, is a good tickler system. One of the readers of SAW (Stark Raving Calm), posted about using futuremail as a tickler. But you have to log into it separately (though he's supposed to be adding an email-only interface). So one of SRC's readers (Canadian Urban Eskimo) created an email-only tickler system. It's pretty easy. you could even just forward emails from Gmail (or any other system) to it with the proper scheduling code in the subject and it'll come back to you at the right time.

OK, it's all kind of arcane if you're not very interested. But if you ARE interested, it might be useful to you...
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