Wednesday, June 8

Today's links

+ Tony Blair Wins Few Promises From Bush. Wonder if old Tony feels like this relationship is a little one-sided... 'I just give and give and give and I never get anything in return!' 'I can't live...if livin' is without you. I can't give...I can't give anymore!'

+ UI offices, classes mall-bound. See. This is what I've been saying all along. (Well, technically, I've been saying they should use it for a Student Center, but using the mall any way is a step in the right direction for downtown.)

+ And, just to prove that IC isn't perfect, they're letting Super Wal-Mart in.

+ The story of Lawrence Lessig facing his childhood abuse is harrowing and riveting. (via kottke)

+ Great Googley-moogely! If you're interested, chances are you've seen it: the upcoming Google Earth (their adaptation of the Keyhole software they bought) looks amazing.

+ The Beeb is broadcasting Beethoven's Symphonies and then making them available for free download. 1-5 are available today through the 14th. Go Beeb! Gotta' get 'em all!

+ This quote (source) perfectly captures the difference between hierarchies and tags:

Give up on hierarchical categories; these can screw up your tags.

I haven't ever seen it put that starkly. I don't think he was trying to be stark or apply to universal circumstances, but it sure captures my attitude toward tags and hierarchies. Honk if you care ;-)

+ I'll just paste this whole blurb from Brad:

"Bats live in the majority of Iowa homes without the owners even knowing it, said experts with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources." If true, can you imagine how mosquito infested Iowa would be if the bats weren't living in most homes?

Bats: good. Mosquitoes: bad.
If bats are good and mosquitoes are bad, and
If Iowa has lots of bats which eat lots of mosquitoes,
Then, Iowa is good.

Gotcha' in the iron vise of reason. (Incidentally, I gotcha' all in check, too.)

(Yes, I am feeling a little strange today...)
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