Friday, June 17

Today's links

+ 'interact' correspondent Kurt Graves sends in this cool Google News visual presentation (warning: big. works best on broadband): the page cut up to represent the 'weight' of the news (# of articles), and you can customize it based on the news you want to see. Do you see anything interesting over there?

+ Participatory Culture wants to democrative video. They've made a Braodcast Machine (utilizing torrent technology) and are working on a Desktop Video Player. I don't watch much tv or video, but this could be interesting. I've got my eye on it.

+ We're #1! S.C. leads the nation in speed-related deaths

+ Cringely talks about Osborne and Kaypro this week. Former Kaypro users of the world, unite and take over!

+ John Hardy has a really funny post of a parody of a Chick Tract as sent by followers of HP Lovecraft.

Question: Did the parodier misspell the contraction for 'you are' on purpose as part of the parody or by accident?

Upon Googling I find that Hallis got 'cease and desist'ed. How can that be? You're allowed to parody stuff, right?
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