Saturday, June 11

Tomorrow's links, today

(LIke the catchy new title? ;-)

I'm trying out a Bloglines subscription to Dilbert, and LOL at this one.

+ I've been meaning to link this for a long time from Brad:

Priscilla Owen, the Texas judge whose nomination to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court is creating a storm in the US Senate (actually it has little to do with her personally -- it's a fight over how much power the Senate minority is going to be allowed), is a part of our extended Covenant Church family. Her Austin area congregation, St. Barnabas the Encourager Evangelical Covenant Church, is completing the affiliation process next month.

I'm in the Covenant, too.

What is is about Brad's blurbs that I just end up copying the whole thing? The sheer brilliance? Brad's Brilliant Blurbs (blowing bubbles, biking backwards (extra points if you can name that book)).

+ Since you are a loyal reader, I'lll let you in on the next big thing:

With Bittorrent and RSS, one can easily create an internet-based periodical broadcast of huge files with almost zero distribution cost. With MythTV and Torrentocracy, one can create a set-top box such as a Tivo or VCR that consumes such a broadcast... It's possible to replace your satellite receiver and DVD player with a cheap PC running MythTV.

Can you tell I'm cleaning out my Bloglines again? >40...

+ This just in from from the Totally Obvious desk: Hispanics Are Fastest Growing Minority

+ Interesting British press coverage of Barnett-cosponsored New Map Game
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