Sunday, June 26

Everyday is like Sunday

+ States Bar Teen Drivers Using Cell Phones. I'll be surprised, given the statistics, if we don't see the driving age raised at least a year in the next 10 years.

+ Cubs Activate Mark Prior. With Prior and Wood getting healthy, the Cubs are in decent position to shoot for the postseason.

+ O'Neal Adds MBA to His NBA Title. As much as I dis O'Neal, props to him for getting his MBA.

+ Stoops Set to Get $3 Million Bonus in 2008. They love their football in OK. Stoops is a good coach and a great guy. Given the market, OU is doing the right thing.

+ New post on twinlog to warm up the Blogger Images rig. We've been creating super heroes on the UGO HeroMachine. Here's my contribution:

I came up with the idea for a big, bald, tough guy. Then I picked the kilt. Then Blackwatch Plaid. Then the name. Wil picked the wolf and his name. Who knows where our collaborations will go from here?
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