Tuesday, June 14

Today's links

+ Malcolm Gladwell talks about his peripatetic writing (via kottke). Sounds like a good method...

+ U.S. Mayors Agree to Adhere to Kyoto Pact. I posted about this via Tom a while ago.

+ For the librarian/power library user in your life: Let ELF help you manage your library loans and holds.

+ Tom's latest newsletter is all Q&A. Might be a good entry point if you're interested. A few qutoes:

[Y]ou wage war on totalitarian states if they're weak enough to be had (otherwise you're stuck with containment, which is immoral if you can do better).

The dream would be that China and the United States start to recognize their complimentary regional security interests in Africa, with the U.S. playing more Leviathan when needed and China working more the SysAdmin angle. To me, that's an unbeatable combination of fire power and man power.

I fundamentally reject the conventional wisdom that says globalization diminishes the role of the state. Statistics are clear: the most globalized states features the most regulation, the most expansive welfare systems, and the biggest governments as a share of GDP.
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