Friday, November 28

That was the best Xmas album ever! [now with songs!]

Well, it's Xmas season and, therefore, time to start listening to my new favorite Christmas album(s) by Sufjan Stevens. Third Xmas I've been listening to them and they're still the undisputed champion.

(And, yes, I know I keep writing about them with basically the same title 1 2 ;-)

One of the first things I thought today on rolling them out was that my friend Guam Brad would really like them. One of the next things was: you might, too. So I copy my email to him for your use (lazy post ;-):
Sufjan Stevens?

have you heard his Xmas albums? 90% sure you'd love them. lots of plinky banjo. non-ironic treatment of church classics like 'O Come O Come Emmanuel' and 'Lo How A Rose'. ironic new songs that point up the craziness of family but still respect Xmas. totally lo-fi - recorded in his apartment for friends a number of years in a row. i'll refund your purchase price if you don't like 'em! ;-)
42 songs for 20$

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing [] (ignore the pix if you want)
Amazing Grace []
The Friendly Beasts []

(note: i only like about 2 of his non Xmas songs, so if you're like that, don't let it put you off)

enough geeking out. happy Advent (starting Sunday)!

Update: Here are many of the tunes:

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