Sunday, November 16

Dangeous T-Bone weight and tone

+ T-Bone Burnett is the man: so many great projects. The two I've enjoyed most recently have been 'O Brother, Where Art Thou' and 'Walk the Line'. Question: would I like 'Raising Sand'? I know plenty of people who have and I certainly like Alison Krauss. Not sure, yet. I've listened to some of the tunes, and they're fine, but nothing really grabs me, yet. Sure, I could get the album, but.... We'll see.

+ I am happy to report that I am actually following through on doing dangerous things with the twins (remember when I wrote about that?). A couple of weeks ago we went to a parking lot and they steered while I controlled the gas and brakes and last night we built a fire and they got to stoke the embers a little. First time either of them had struck a match or lit anything on fire. Next: pocket knives.

+ Weigh-in and push-update

Lost a half pound this last week. Better than nothing. My current pattern is to eat pretty freely on the weekend and count points M-F. Working ok. I'm slowly losing weight and, most importantly, not gaining weight!

Walter suggested I do more push-ups on my knees to fill out my sets and my friend, Paul, from church, agreed. So I did that Thursday night: 65 real push-ups and 35 knee push-ups. Also, I've gone backwards a little bit because I decided to go ahead and start doing better push-ups now. My main criteria is that my nose and belly both touch the floor about at the same time.

One nice result of all of these push-ups is the best triceps I've even had. Wholey moley. Even when I was doing triceps extensions with a dumbbell my triceps were not this burly. I'd say they're stronger and firmer than my biceps.


Macon said...

Go Sean! Go!

Sean Meade said...

thanks, M!