Friday, October 24

Politics, esoterica and friends

+ Arianna Huffington says political smears don't stick as well in the age of YouTube. I hope she's right. What do you think?

+ James Carville handicaps the intra-Republican blame game.

+ How to get my nerd vote

Matt's list leans left a little further than me, but I especially agree with 1, 7, 8 and 10:
1. Broadband Everywhere
7. Allow early voting by mail
8. Revamp Copyright/IP law
10. Open government
+ Ebay to ban sales of ivory products in January

+ Nice collection of visual depictions of the relative sizes of the world's highest mountains and longest rivers (via)

+ Jason's had a couple recent posts including his reflections on the food we ate in the 80s (ate-ies) and a nice pic of their youngest.

+ Like me, Jim really likes Facebook (though it sounds like he's a little less adept at navigating it ;-)

+ My buddy, Steve, played along with the Quantum Library game. Thanks, Steve :-)

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Macon said...

I have never understood the logic of comparing education spending to defense spending.

So we spend more on defense? So what? That critique has nothing do say about the quality of either.

But I can play the game, too: I spend more on Peanut M&Ms in a year than I do on jewelry for Kellsey. Now, tell me: is that bad?

The question around dollars and education and defense is: are we getting our money's worth? In defense, I leave that up to you, Sean. ;-) But I'd say being the most dominant military in the world means we might be getting some of our value out of the spending.
In public education? I think not, but I lay the blame squarely at the feet of a bloated bureaucratic superstructure and Teachers Unions, not because there is insufficient funding.