Monday, April 28

Draft pop Hellboy penguin madness

+ The Vikings made a blockbuster trade with the Chiefs and gave DE Jared Allen a huge amount of money.

Might be great if it works out. But this is a big risk. I don't think you see the Patriots (the gold standard for personnel management in the NFL) making trades like this...

Don Banks calls it high risk, high reward.

Peter King and Paul Zimmerman both like the Vikings' draft when you include the Allen deal, though King, like me, thinks it's too risky.

+ Song, by Toad calls MGMT 'slightly camp electro-pop' and links them to the Scissor Sisters, which sounds about right to me.

(Do you like Scissor Sisters, Madhu?)

+ I liked the first Hellboy, I like the comics, and the trailer for the second one looks good, too.

+ Did you know there was prehistoric penguin 5'7" high and 200 pounds?

+ Found this out while doing some Guillermo del Toro/HP Lovecraft research. When I sent the relevant IMDB link to Dan tdaxp he wrote 'this is the greatest thing in the history of the world'.


deichmans said...

"Greatest thing in the history of the world" indeed! R'lyeh or bust!

Sean Meade said...

Dan AND Shane. it must be true! ;-)

M said...

I'm not sure who Scissor Sister are. Today, I'm using YouTube as my own personal jukebox, listening to one-hit wonders from the 1990s, like the New Radicals. It was a simpler time...

Paul Stokes said...

Thanks for the Hellboy link. I liked the first one too. As to the penguins, I've always had a high view of them.