Tuesday, January 29

Smart weight fixing Brady

Madhu continues to be my avenging muse of updates. If I don't post, he prods me in IM. So here I go:

+ I'm at that really boring stage of weight loss. The first week I lost 7 pounds. That was great. But I'm only down 2.5 pounds the two weeks since then. It's ok. I know it takes a long time. But it's boring.

Of course, it's important to not watch the scale too closely. Weight changes daily, even with controlled caloric intake. I'm just supposed to be gathering the data and watching the trend, not obsessing about the daily number.

But it's still boring. Not boring enough to eat a pint of ice cream, though ;-)

+ Stuart got a Passion smart car (with pix and subsequent posts). I think Guam Brad will especially be interested in this.

+ Jaq is doing a great series called Fixing the [Star Wars] Prequels. Wish this was the Phantom Menace that got made ...

+ Peter King doesn't like the Giants' D-line's chances against Brady based on how they did in their last meeting.

Add to that some pretty impressive testimonials about Brady's play.


Brad B. said...

Good job on losing nearly 10lbs! Yeah, it's funny how the weight drops real quickly then tappers off. But, like you said, it's the overall trend that counts.

Sean Meade said...

thanks, Brad! hope your fitness commitment is still going well!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, Sean. It is cold here but having fun in the snow!