Saturday, November 18

Cherry picking

Let's pick a few things to post on saturday morning:

+ No longer news but still good: NASA's fixing Hubble. I kept hoping this would happen, especially since Hubble's undoubtedly the best thing they've got.

+ Aaron sounds like he could about go pro in poker.

+ defective yeti: Better PR for grilled cheese in the morning and Job (double meaning) quarterly report.

+ Morbid but funny: Suicide Letter Wizard for Microsoft Word.

+ Funny Dilbert about loss of personal meaning.

+ Interesting names from The Hype Machine
  • Handsome Boy Modeling School
  • The Metric Mile
  • Zelienople (hail the Pittsburgh MSA!)
+ Ken Jennings' life is very interesting now. His bishop called him about his bad language and he told an unwitting lady at church that he was being Ken Jennings for Halloween.

+ John Hardy has had some interesting Laptan posts on The Evolution of Numbers, Counting by hand around the world, and The Floating Islands of Zacatón.

+ This post is brought to you by old-school Vigilantes of Love: Earth Has No Sorrow, Goes Without Saying, and Resplendent.

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