Friday, June 23

Tools (hand and ref) and toddlers

+ When you read that the official hand tool of Jaq's weblog is Klein , don't forget that mine is Lenox. ;-)

I scored the 6-in-1 screwdriver and the utility knife.

Next on the wishlist: the Tri-Fold Saw (second from bottom), which takes a reciprocating saw blade.

Oh, and they gave me a shirt, too! ;-)

+ Matthew Baldwin has a nice update on the Squirelly at 2 (which Christine - and really anyone with children who are or have been that age - must click through on).

+ I've been too depressed about the World Cup to post about it. I watched the whole match last saturday. Ugh. The best parts were:

1. Wil watching the first half with me. He was very interested in the red card for the bloody head and the own goal (and recounted them to his grandparents last night).

2. Bethy falling asleep in the recliner with me while I watched the second half.

Apart from that, it was pretty lousy. The ref in that game, obviously, totally sucked. You spend years and millions preparing for this think and two red cards can ruin the whole shooting match.

Not that I think it did for us. Could we have beaten Ghana with those two guys back? I doubt it. They're on fire and we're not playing well. We scrapped with the Italians, but...


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