Saturday, May 14

Multiple intelligence

I'm a firm believer in different kinds of intelligence: IQ. EQ. What have you.

I don't necessarily subscribe to Howard Gardner's formulation (Gardner's site) as determinative, but it's a jumping off point, a place to start discussion.

Brief overview
Wheel of domains. Here's my improved pie chart:

He's got an inventory. I like taking things like this. You might hate them, like Christine. I took it. I adjusted it a little (I especially thought the 'Interpersonal' questions were a little skewed, so I padded my score.). I was interested in putting it on a graph like he has, so here you go:

(It's not working right in Blogger right now, and I'm sick of it, so I'm done. But you could still copy into NotePad or whatever and use it if you wanted.)

Naturalist X
Musical X
Logical X
Existential X
Interpersonal X
Kinesthetic X
Verbal X
Intrapersonal X
Visual X


I'm also intersted in looking at what my twins' strengths might be. I have ideas, of course, but this would be a little more systematic.

Anywho, you might want to take the inventory.

Beyond that, I've created a little spreadsheet that'll produce a pie graph based on your scores. Here's mine:

If you get that into it, email me for the file.

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