Saturday, February 19

Welcome, Barnett readers

Yes, I'm Tom's proof-reader. I'm grateful he put up the link to my weblog. I was reading everything he wrote anyway. I figured I could make myself useful by catching a typo here and there.

So, let me give you some Barnett-esque content: NPR's three-part series on the Web in China:

First episode - China's Businesses Thrive on the Web

The government's offer after Tjiannenmen: stay out of politics and you can do anything else, especially get rich. The Internet brings better B2B to Chinese businesses.

Second episode - Urban China Embraces Web; Rural Regions Lag

This one was about the changes the Internet is producing in social life in Chinese cities, from MMUDs to dating to gay connections to sex to weblogs. Political activity on the web is strictly forbidden. But all of this connectivity in the social sphere, as Tom teaches, will spill over into other area. Another certain one is business (which the next segment is about). China's economic connectivity is moving ahead of its political connectivity right now, but that's OK. We don't need both right now. One will lead to the other. We watched a similar situation peacefully take down the USSR. In fact, a One-party, Capitalist China will almost certainly outstrip Russia. We just need to be a little patient with China, join them where we can, stand up to them when we need to (can't think of anything right off hand).

Third episode - Internet Tests Chinese Political Controls

The Communist Party can censor some sites for now, but capitalism and the Internet will eventually take it down.

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