Tuesday, February 15


The new Vikings owner should be better for our team. Here's hoping...

The Grammys and Oscars (et al.) are sorely limited. They can reward excellence. But too often you get someone who hasn't received one of the statues get a de facto Lifetime Achievement Award for a lesser work. Paul Newman's win for 'Nobody's Fool' is one example. Brian Wilson's win for an instrumental is another. Rod Stewart should never get any award.

Wil made the following analogy tonight when we were cleaning out his nose: 'Googs are kind of like daddy penguins. The googs and the germs are like the daddy penguins and the penguin eggs.' SAT format: Googs:germs::daddy penguins:penguin eggs. The intelligence of my children amazes me.

Big find in Kansas. Could relate to the Topper site I logged before. Cue jokes from evolutionists that Kansas doesn't deserve such a cool find because of their stance on evolution in textbooks.

Morning Edition had an interesting piece about the rising cost of college and how to cut it. Short paraphrase: give less taxpayer money to colleges, the same amount or more to students, and let the market work on the problem. I'll buy that. Prediction: my kids do some time in community college (the best value around. Want to chime in, Jason? :-).

That should do ya' for now.

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