Monday, April 21

So where, you ask, did this weblogging flurry come from? Two sources.

1. I played too much Civ 3 yesterday and I vowed to take a day off, especially on Easter.

2. Christine and I were talking about the Proto-Indo-European rooted words father, mother, sister, brother, daughter. Why not son?

We hypothesized a different root language for son. Was the PIE-rooted word for son out there, something more nicely parallel?

Wrong and nope. Son has its root is PIE and it just so happens to be different from the other five. Why? Don't know. My hypothesis: because sons were really, really important.

(For the record, they had at least one more that fits: daiwer - husband's brother.)
For my part, I'd like 'son' to be something more nicely parallel, like 'suter' (I checked 'suitor' and that's not where it comes form). But I guess it's not, is it?

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