Monday, September 1

10 things to know about me

I have had this tab open for the longest time. Steven tagged me. The rules:
Title a blog post "10 Things to Know About Me" and list ten things that anyone who wants to know you well, to know who you really are, would have to know. But for the sake of brevity, each of the 10 Things must be expressed in 25 words or less, and 1 Thing must be expressed in only 1 word.
  1. In some ways, I believe in historic Christianity more strongly than ever. OTOH, I'm usually at an almost total loss for how to live it.
  2. Bad Sports Life: Cubs, Vikings and Hawkeyes
  3. I am an extrovert who really loves being deeply connected to people. I have had, literally, not one friend here in Columbia until this year.
  4. I love music but came embarrassingly late to the golden age of REM, New Order, The Smiths and The Cure.
  5. I only have the capacity to add a few new bands per year. This year's 'finds' are MGMT and The Killers.
  6. Like Steven, I love rainy nights. Unfortunately, I think of Eddie Rabbit's song about them every time.
  7. I often think in ads and late 70s/early 80s TV.
  8. I sometimes worry that, in Wil, I am creating a 'monster' that only I think is hilarious; a father's prerogative.
  9. I love Iowa and would like to move back there. But did I love it before? Would I? Can you go home again?
  10. G(af)TD
Non-binding tag (no guilt necessary!): Paul, Brad, Scott, Jason and historyguy

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