Thursday, September 4

Chrome review

Ok, I was totally pumped about Google Chrome, I've been spewing it on my Facebook and Gmail chat statuses. People keep asking what I think of it and it's about time I wrote.

Overall, I like it. And someday, I bet it's going to be my browser of choice.

But not yet.

I normally have 5 or so Firefox windows open at a time with a number of tabs per window. Sometimes it's more windows and more tabs. Firefox can normally handle this pretty well for me.

So, for trying out Chrome, I switched two of my most common windows (and their tab sets) to Chrome. One window with Gmail and Blogger and one with the stuff I watch for Tom. These all work fine.

Normally I also run Facebook in my Gmail window, but some of the normal Facebook functions don't work well in Chrome, like simply clicking on 'Older status messages'. Nothing happens. Same thing with 'Give gift'.

I should add that I think part of my problem with Chrome is running Firefox at the same time. Both seem to run more smoothly without the other one. In fact, strangely enough, Firefox seems to take up most of my CPU cycles when running both at the same time. The first hour or so that I only ran Chrome this morning, it ran pretty smoothly and quickly.

Chrome also doesn't work right with one of the web apps I have to use for work.

Another Chrome annoyance: clicking on a link in Gmail or launching a tab from Google Reader with 'v' brings that tab into immediate focus instead of loading it in the background, like I am used to and prefer. Easy enough to shift-click or right click, open in new tab, but not as quick and not my established behavior.

Interestingly, this article says the biggest slow-down on the web is Flash. I'm not surprised, but I didn't have it pegged that way. Still, I run the essential Flashblock add on in Firefox, so no surreptitious Flash for me. Lots of good talk in this article, too, about how much CPU load each browser uses.

And, horror of horrors, this same author actually prefers IE8 at this point! ;-)

Without breaking down every one, here are some reviews I've read and enjoyed:
Google Chrome is insanely fast … faster than Firefox 3.0 (via Dan tdaxp)
Review: Google Chrome Mostly Glitters 

Google's OmniBox is pretty similar to Firefox 3's new location bar, and it's obviously where browsers are headed.

Here's something I haven't seen written elsewhere, though it's pretty obvious: For people who have teenagers crufting up their computer with spy- and adware, or older parents sabotaging their own computers, Chrome with its sandbox approach to security may be perfect.

Irony alert: if Google's trying to minimize the 'chrome', why call the browser 'Chrome'? I like the name enough, but something else would make more sense. Window on the Web. PureWeb. Not suggesting either of those, but something in that vein.

Friends that have weighed in on Chrome:

My poor friend, Mlle. Frog, has very good geek credentials, but so far thinks Chrome is a tool ;-)

Good buddy, Paul, sent this review: Google Redefines Web Browser 

In the end, what I'm most excited about when it comes to Chrome is the next release. I wonder how long that will be.

Enough from me. What do you think of Chrome?
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