Saturday, September 6

Friday weigh-in (one day late)

198 today. Not too bad.

I held off posting this because I was 199 yesterday and 198.5 last week and I hoped, if I held off one day, to at least get back to 198.5 when I reported to you, so there you have it.

Like I said, not too bad, given the anniversary celebrations last week and general slackitude. Doing ok since then, so hoping for one more good weigh-in this week before we go on vacation this coming Friday.

Push-ups. I got rocked last night. It was pretty disappointing.

I was supposed to do 99 push-ups in 5 sets, ideally with only a minute of rest in between sets. It says to take more time if you need it, so I settled on about two minutes in between sets.

And failed on the last 4 sets. :-(

I did:

More doubts about sticking with the 100 push-up challenge, but will stay with it at least for now.

And remember, keep thinking about and praying for me. I sure appreciate all the support so far!
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