Friday, September 5


Well, I did 100 push-ups Wednesday night.

Now, I did them in the space of about 3 hours, which is pretty spread out, but still, not too bad, aye?

Furthermore, something between my diaphragm and chin, including my arms, is usually sore or uncomfortable at this point, even between Friday and Monday, when I get two days off.

With the soreness, I come to my push-ups thinking there's no way I'll finish them all, but I did Wednesday.

100 more tonight, or I'll at least try it. And I need to rest less between the five sets this time (which could well affect my ability to do all 100 in 5 sets).

Still stuck on week three of the Hundred Push-up Challenge. Find myself sometimes wondering why I took this on, when I prefer lifting weights, but I'll stick with it for now.

And I do feel like I'm seeing some difference in tone and mass (either that, or it's just the soreness ;-), so that's a good thing.
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