Monday, September 8

Jane Austen immersion

I bought Christine the abridged, audio Persuasion as read by Amanda Root, who played Anne Elliot in our favorite video version. She loved it. I hadn't had a chance to listen to it, so we started it over the Labor Day weekend and finished shortly thereafter.

I decided to follow it up by re-reading Persuasion last week, which was really fun.

Then we re-watched the video.

Then I got interested in doing a Google map with Jane Austen locales. So far I've done the Big Three (my own designation: Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Persuasion).

Biggest problem: the principal locales of our three heroines are all fictitious, so I had to put shapes in the approximate ares of the appropriate counties. These were helped by distances given to real places in Persuasion (17 miles or so from Uppercross to Lyme) and Emma (16 miles from Brunswick Square in London to Highbury). Persuasion was made easier by the significant role of two real places, Lyme and Bath. Pride and Prejudice, in contrast, takes place principally in three fictitious places: Loungbourne, Rosings Park and Pemberley.

Don't miss the green route that Elizabeth and the Gardiner's took up north (it kind of blends in).



Anonymous said...

Sometimes you're just way too cool! ;~)

Sean said...

thanks, G. thought you might peg me as a girlie man for liking chick books ;-)

Jason said...

You get an A!

Seriously, though . . . don't you think it would really fun to teach a course on an author that integrated all this kind of stuff? Especially if it was a course for grown-ups who want to be there.

Have you purchased the Annotated Pride and Prejudice yet?

AmyWrayFrank said...

S&S isn't in the Big 3?? C'mon!

Sean said...

J: definitely would be fun! my old English prof has, since i've left, led quite a few May Terms in England :-(

AWF: i hate to pull the 'have you read the Big 3' card, but... ;-)

but seriously, S&S is great, but a little flatter, less dynamic and less mature. it is her first published work, after all. one sign: Elinor is always right.

AmyWrayFrank said...

YES, I have read them all -- and the others -- but did NOT like Persuasion at all. But loved S&S... even if Elinor is always right. In that aspect, she just reminds me of me. :)

Sean said...

i'm guessing you felt Anne was too passive. we really love her!

oh well, i don't dispute that you're usually right :-)

Libraryun said...

you really are a dork.

and i mean that in the nicest way!

Sean said...

thanks L (MK) :-)