Tuesday, September 2

I am such a geek!

Google's coming out with a new browser today and I almost can't stand waiting! In case you live in a cave ;-)

+ A fresh take on the browser
+ No Joke: Google Introduces The Chrome Browser With A Cartoon
+ The two sites that are eventually supposed to serve the download:
(Don't ask how many times I've reloaded them ;-)


NYkrinDC said...


I've been refreshing the googleblog page for the magical link, so far to no avail.

Still waiting.

NYkrinDC said...

It's out!

Dan tdaxp said...

It's very cool. Infinitely better than Safari, and currently I'm using it as my work browser.

So far at least I like it better than firefox, but we'll see as time goes on.

Check out the speed comparison:


La Frog said...

I'm so excited to use it!!! I too am a geek - especially when it comes to web browsing. IE is totally clunky and Firefox hates my PC.

Ortho said...

OMG! I'm using Chrome right now! I hate it! Firefox is much better!

Sean said...

thanks, NYkr.

thanks, Dan. good link. i need to get around to doing a review.

thanks for commenting, MLF. sorry it's not going so great so far :-(

i know what you mean, Ortho. it's definitely different. but i'm going to keep trying it, at least for some things.

Jim said...

Have you tried Flock?
I like it. There are lot's of bells and whistles. If you don't like all that going on, you can minimize what you are not using.

Sean said...

Jim, i did try Flock once and it didn't really grab me. i saw you posted pix to Facebook with it. may have to try again...