Friday, September 26


Coming to you live from Austin, Texas (though I'm leaving soon and probably won't post this until I do). Austin City Limits festival is this weekend, but I will not be attending. I've heard of a couple of those bands, but wouldn't take time to actually go.

All that to say, here's my playlist from Austin, which otherwise has nothing to do with ACL ;-)

+ Here's a picture of me at hey cupcake! (credit: Macon):

+ My buddy, Macon, works for Amplifier who ships stuff for Rooster Teeth who makes Red vs. Blue, which still means nothing to most of you. Short explanation: they make movies with Halo. Worth watching if you want a laugh about the difference between real life and the Internet (some adult language/concepts for those of you (Christine) who like your humor pure as the driven snow).

+ Wholey cow. John McCain stood David Letterman up for Katie Couric and Letterman beat the fool out of him.

+ Macon and I were discussing child over-safety, something I like to rant about sometimes. He pointed me to this excellent video, 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do:

I really agree! Now I just have to take the time to do some of these things with the twins.
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