Friday, September 26


Coming to you live from Austin, Texas (though I'm leaving soon and probably won't post this until I do). Austin City Limits festival is this weekend, but I will not be attending. I've heard of a couple of those bands, but wouldn't take time to actually go.

All that to say, here's my playlist from Austin, which otherwise has nothing to do with ACL ;-)

+ Here's a picture of me at hey cupcake! (credit: Macon):

+ My buddy, Macon, works for Amplifier who ships stuff for Rooster Teeth who makes Red vs. Blue, which still means nothing to most of you. Short explanation: they make movies with Halo. Worth watching if you want a laugh about the difference between real life and the Internet (some adult language/concepts for those of you (Christine) who like your humor pure as the driven snow).

+ Wholey cow. John McCain stood David Letterman up for Katie Couric and Letterman beat the fool out of him.

+ Macon and I were discussing child over-safety, something I like to rant about sometimes. He pointed me to this excellent video, 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do:

I really agree! Now I just have to take the time to do some of these things with the twins.


Macon said...

so fun to have you with us, Sean!

(Honor woke up after her nap, after you left, saying "Sean?' "Sean?")

Sean said...

thanks, Macon. it was so great to see you all and to meet Walter in person!

i'm flattered that Honor remembered me. your kids are sweet!

3orange1blonde said...

HI~! I just checked out your blog and want to turn Alan onto it as well. I loved this post. Thanks for putting it up.