Tuesday, December 19

Tuesday on the Creative Zen Vision:M (30 GB)

My buddy, Robbi, is the greatest, most capable music lover I know. If he didn't have a gap from when he was a fundamentalist, he would be inhuman.

Often, when Robbi sends out an email he'll append to the end what came up on random on his iPod while he wrote. Fantastic.

Can you tell from the title of this post that I have a new, early Christmas present Creative Zen Vision:M (30 GB)? It's great. I love it. I've got most of my music on there already, 1972 songs (Then again, maybe I should just leave that number, because 1972 was a very good year ;-)]. I'm on random, so let me share at least a few:
  1. Don't, this way - The 77s
  2. Wonderful Merciful Savior
  3. Parents Just Don't Understand
  4. Talk Show Host - Radiohead
  5. Pop Song '89 - REM
  6. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  7. A Knife in the Dark - Howard Shore, LotR: FotR
  8. Give - Third Day
  9. Everyday I Write the Book
  10. Cloth of Life - VoL
  11. Help
  12. Underwater - DCfC
  13. My Friends Over You
  14. The Hand that Rocks the Cradle - The Smiths
  15. When You Say Nothing at All - Allison Krauss
  16. Macho Man
  17. Lowell, MA - DCfC
  18. Hand in Glove - The Smiths
  19. Falls - Ennio Morricone, The Mission
  20. Wouldn't it be Nice?
  21. This Charming Man - The Smiths [Dang! Lots of Smiths. Not that I'm complaining ;-)]
  22. Guilty Partner - New Order
  23. All the Way - New Order [Same album. Freaky! ;-)]
  24. Half a Person - The Smiths
  25. Sit Down. Stand Up. - Radiohead
  26. Walk Unafraid - REM
  27. Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla - Schoolhouse Rock!
That should do for now, aye. My ears are getting sore (from the buds ;-)
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