Thursday, December 28

James, Eddie, Mark, Tom, (me), Rodrigo and Gabriela

+ I'm not a huge James Brown fan. The only two songs of his I really like are I Feel Good and that piece from the Blues Brothers (not even Living in America).

Still, I trust you will know I don't mean any disrespect when I link Eddie Murphy's spot from SNL: James Brown's Celebrity Hot tub.

+ My buddy Mark (ZenPundit) Safranski has a funny, creative post today about an alternate blogosphere. It might only be funny to those of us in the circle he writes about, but, hey, I'm part of that circle and it's funny to me. Here's the excerpt that links me:

Tommy Barnett:

Acclaimed NFL color commentator in Green Bay, " Doc Barnett" pontificates daily on the need to redesign the gridiron into a dodecahedron in order to spread the values of American football to places like Botswana and Montenegro ( Barnett's webmaster, Sean of Interdict, embarrasses his boss regularly with simple grammatical errors and odd uses of syntax).

Be assured that Mark has the highest regard for my command of the English language (sometimes inflicted on him, like, for example, that space between the open parenthesis and and the capital 'B' up there ;-), so this is regarded as a bizarro scenario.

+ I wisely decided last night to NOT keep watching Rodrigo and Gabriela on YouTube. Here are the two I did watch.

I'm especially intrigued by what looks like just 3 bass strings on Gabriela's guitar, at least in the first video, which she flails on while also handling a lot of percussion on her guitar body. Since I love rhythm sections...

So, I'm putting a link to some tips here to watch later. Must not get too sidetracked...
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