Thursday, December 21

Now, time to clean out Google Reader

For reasons I'll keep to myself (unless you email me), I've switched from Bloglines to Google Reader for my feed subscriptions. I like it a lot. One of the best things is the integration with Gmail. Now, when I want to email you a post, I click on the 'Email' link and it spawns a Gmail window which, best of all, has my suggest-as-I-type address book. Before, with Bloglines, if I didn't know the email address I'd email something to myself first, then forward it from Gmail.

Anyway, a few links I've been saving up:

+ Jaq linked my post on Ken's evaluation of A Charlie Brown Christmas dancing .

+ Jaq kindly wrote that, if he could, he'd send Tom Brady to throw the ball with me for Christmas. Isn't that sweet, of course, after that his hatred of Tom kicks in...

+ Jaq posted his review of Casino Royale, which he liked.

Okay, I posted the Ken Jennings story by itself, so this turns out to be a solo Jaq post, but I'm okay with that. Enjoy!
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