Monday, December 18

Airwolf, opportunity, Amazon, and onoma

+ Here's a whole post on Airwolf, including mp3s!

+ Etymology of the day:

Opportune is from Latin opportunus, from ob portum, "toward port." For travelers at sea who wish to return to land, it's a welcome wind that blows toward the port.

+ One of the many ways in which Christine is awesome is that she manages my gifts. So, she shepherded her mother in shopping from my Amazon wishlist and got me 300 and Father Elijah.

I've talked about 300 a bit lately, but haven't raved about Father Elijah recently. It's about a Catholic monk who confronts the Apocalypse and it is absolutely riveting. It's so good that, as someone posted on Amazon, it's like the anti-Left Behind . Order and read! ;-)

+ More names I like from the Hype Machine:
  • How I Became the Bomb
  • Los Campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing!
  • Planningtorock
  • Lightnin' Hopkins (in honor of REM)
That's all I got for now...
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