Sunday, December 24

Cleaning out Google Reader

+ This is old, but Paul had an interesting post from the WSJ about how we can free a N Korean refugee from hiding in China for 800-1500$ each.

+ Oh wow. I might die from coolness. Have you seen the scale fly out from Mercury to W Cephei?

(Note going back to our previous debate: Pluto doesn't even rate inclusion! (Remember, it's smaller than Earth's moon.)

+ I have a love/hate relationship with the Eddie Rabbit song 'I love a rainy night.' I am unable to not think of this song on... a rainy night, because I do love rainy nights. And it's kind of catchy.

On the other hand, it's kind of annoying and cloying. So there you go...

+ DrawerGeeks!, every other Friday, all draw a fictional character and post it on their website. Some nice captures here, and some whimsical stuff that Wil really enjoyed. (via kottke)

Jaq, at least, should check out the Wonder Woman page ;-)

+ Did you read about the woman who gave birth to three girls from two wombs? Since we are parents of multiples, we find such things especially interesting...

+ 2 more names I like from the Hype Machine: Deadly Hume and Cotton Mather.
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