Sunday, October 20

Practicing a Psalm of the Day

In this video, Dallas Willard said (notes by Doug Webster):
I recommend studying Chapter 15 in William Law, A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life - Why we should sing psalms. It’s the connection between the soul (person) and the body. One of the best things ever written on why spiritual disciplines matter. It is the best treatment in the literature.
(I have been praising this video series in the Dallas Willard Facebook group I belong to. It is 17 videos of a class Dallas taught for Denver Seminary in 2010. I used to say the Divine Conspiracy videos were the best thing on the internet, but now I say it's this. Making them even more valuable are Doug Webster's 146 pages of notes.)

I had read all of Law's book before at Dallas's suggestion, but I re-read that chapter after this recommendation.

Then I did some searching on singing the Psalms and just decided to do my own thing based on the fact that I had previously done a project where I listed all of the songs I could that I know that came from the Psalms. I've been 'singing' (sometimes silently) some of them in the morning. Some in that list are not very good for praise, but many are. Then I sort of stumbled into repeating them during my spending the day with Jesus check ins throughout the day. And I've seen some nice instances of the songs sticking in my head or coming back to me during the day.

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