Tuesday, June 8

This morning's run

Got up at 6 to beat the sun and heat. Wil's taking a break from running, at least for now. Running even as late as 8am has been hard on him. My number one goal is that he enjoy running. I'd rather have him take a break than come to hate it. I went to bed too late, almost 1am, so only working on 5 hours of sleep this morning.

Running this early, I'd forgotten the sun doesn't clear the trees in most of the neighborhood. So this morning was 65 and shady almost the whole time. Blissful.

First great song was 'Wave of Mutilation', tearing through it just like The Pixies.

Second great song was 'All These Things That I've Done'. You know that commercial that Nike used it in? Yep. Turning over just like that, heading up the long hill.

Third great song, to finish: 'We Are the Champions'.

Overall, great change. But also missed having my buddy with me. Ambivalence.


Macon said...

So great, Sean! I have to start running now before the sun comes up, otherwise it's just way too hot.

I've missed your updates on running!

I've started logging my miles on dailymile.com. it syncs with my Nike+ and I have a few friends in ATX who are runners and who log there.

Sean Meade said...

thanks for the comment, M. running in TX would be even worse!

i really like the looks of Nike+. too bad i'm an Anything But IPod guy ;-)

Macon said...

it also syncs with a Garmin device. you have options, no worries. thanks, Free Market!

I think it would be so super fun to run a 5K with you and Wil!

Jim said...

And don't you feel great after an early run? Especially in summer...

Jim said...

For Wil...an idea...just to mix it up.

Max used to run with me. However, sometimes (a lot of times actually) he would ride a bike, or skate, or board a long side my run.

Good memories!