Sunday, March 14

Flash Gordon!

I really loved the 1979 Flash Gordon cartoon when I was seven. Oddly enough, it came on Saturday afternoons. In fact, I had it in my Netflix queue. So when I saw it at Target for $5, I decided to buy it to watch with Wil.

A lot of the show doesn't age very well, of course. And, especially as the shows went on, the quality drops markedly.

I really love some of the visual designs: Zarkov's rocket, Ming's ships, the Hawkmen in general.

I really loved the opening sequence, especially the music. Here it is:

Wil and I watched through the 14 episodes on this particular DVD and enjoyed it.

So it got me thinking I might enjoy the original Flash Gordon comic strips by Alex Raymond, and I sure have! Thankfully, our library has the first three volumes of the Raymond strips. Finished the first book last week and looking forward to getting the next volume soon.


Benet said...

Sean-did you ever see the cheesy TV movie/show with Gil Gerrard as Flash? I loved that show!

Sean Meade said...

that was Buck Rogers, but, yes: i loved it too, especially Erin Gray! :-)