Tuesday, February 2

District 9 (almost-haiku review)

Really cool concept

Really worn-out, evil, soulless, arms-manufacturing, corporate villain

Otherwise, loved it

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Jim said...

The "evil, soulless corporation" is a very popular villain in stories..."Soulless"...as in corporations are a self perpetuating, ongoing, impersonal entity, separated from the people who serve in them. Because of that they come off as evil, and at times in fact are. (If you'll allow me to ascribe a moral quality to a soulless entity...) ;-)
Organization (or the entity) is put before people (which, although we don't always see it, is always they case). They have grown dramatically in size and power during my life, which is probably not good in the long term. (i.e. To big to fail? Are you kidding me? Economies of scale diminish dramatically at some point.) How did we get here? OK, I'm done...

I generally liked the movie too.