Thursday, May 14

A few links I've been saving for you

+ Something I find strangely fascinating: Catfish noodling, a technique in Oklahoma whereby guys catch giant catfish with their bare hands by reaching in through the mouth and grabbing the fish by the gills. kottke's got a post on it with links to the PBS documentary and a video I'm going to re-embed here.

+ Old, but still funny: 'It's about time. The swine flu gives a terrorism-weary America another infinitesimal risk to wildly over-react to.' - Greg Knauss

+ Disney Star Wars Weekend Posters: pretty funny.

+ Ok, I linked Bjorn Lomborg on Facebook recently and had some friends really put him down (and, I felt, my views, by extension). But I still think he's right, though he transgresses the 'scientific' orthodoxy. So here's the latest I've seen from him: Don’t Waste Time Cutting Emissions.


Benet said...

I LOVE those Star Wars posters. I did a blog post - - about the 2007 event. I also *begged* the Disney team to make the posters available for sale. Darth Maul on the runway was my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

I'm all with Bjorn, sorta. It's about the Sun, volcanic eruptions, tectonic(sp?)plate shifts. Man? heh Lots of folks think pretty highly of themselves, their significance, their impact. What was it George Carlin said? Man is a pimple on the ass of the Earth. The worlds political criminal class won't be satisfied until we're living in caves, pooping in holes in the ground, eating each other - AGAIN! ;~) GLASR

sameasthem said...

When I first moved here and traveled to Durant for work they tried to get me to go and do this. They said the cat fish would tear your arm lie!
I declined to go...