Friday, September 30


+ Lifehacker and kottke have been wondering why hotel wi-fi isn't free. kottke has some figures today.

But I've been thinking that the simple answer is: Everything I needed to know about economics I learned from Raising Arizona: It's not what you will pay, but what the market will bear. If the market will bear a fee for wi-fi, that's what they'll charge you, instead of just having it be a low-cost added draw.

+ Here's a story about a City High football player whose Dad played for West. I'm sure this is very bent of me, but I think I'd have a pretty hard time settling on that side of the river such that my kids went to City. Good school and all, just., you know, the history... ;-)

+ Paul says I've won based on my prediction that DeLay would go down. I'm not happy about being right about a case like this, in specific, but I do like being right ;-) (Just a little right, you know. Nothing major. Don't worry, I won't let in go to my head.)

+ BillH has a nice post linking to how to write your name in Elvish. Of course, the higher level would be to go to Now We Have All Got Elvish Names and then write your Elvish name in Elvish.

You might look a
t these pages and think 'These people are incredible geeks!' I don't disagree. I'm not up their level, but I do admire them ;-)

Let's see: writing 'Eruntalon' (I'm going with that one instead of 'Erufailon' because I read this article before the update and have been thinking in those terms since then).

OK, I've written it, but I can't post it right now. Maybe I'll do that later.

Looks like Ned is going letter for letter here (like with 'Eileen'), instead of phonetically, which I think would be best. Still, very interesting.

Looking around further, turns out some people have tatooed themselves thereby. Very, very interesting. Makes a tatoo sound better...

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