Sunday, December 12


Anyone want to tape the visit for me? I don't have cable.

SciFi's doing Earthsea. I'm watching through the trailers. Thoughts:

1. Magic seems more common in the film-version. One of the things I like about Tolkien and LeGuin is that magic is somewhat subtle. They don't have to give you the level of the spell, the incantation, the THAC0, etc. ;-)
2. Bobby Drake is Ged? Iceman is Ged? Not in my mind. But we'll see...
3. Looks like there might be some of that funky-quick camera-work. Not my preference...
4. Hmm... Kristin Kreuk's delivery... 'So this is our desitny?' Hmm...
5. I enjoyed the LeGuin interview. I'd never 'seen' her talk before.

At any rate, I'm hopeful it will do some justice to LeGuin's masterpiece.

Note: I went to the website after I got an email from Amazon. They're promoting the movie (with the understanding that it will sell books). Smart.

Update: I'm sorry to report Ms LeGuin isn't hopeful. I side with her, of course.

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