Wednesday, July 28

RAGBRAI: reporting in from Eldora, IA

Sorry I haven't been able to report sooner. I have had almost no cell service in western Iowa (excepting a little in Sioux City and a little on I-35). RAGBRAI XXXII has gone really well so far (check out the route). A man who has been on all 32 (RAGBRAI's the same age as me) said that the last three days have been the best of RAGBRAI ever: good routes and amazing weather - like 70 and nice every day. We've ridden about 270 of the 490 miles so far.

What makes RAGBRAI hard?
- headwinds. We travelled south today into a 15 mph headwind. Best when drafting behind someone else.
- perching on that seat the whole way: makes my seat sore, but I'm able to keep it up and get back on each day. I woke up this morning and thought 'Why am I doing this again?'.
- toes. Man, I didn't know I'd have so much trouble keeping circulation in my toes. I've cut the sides out of my shoes, which is making it bearable.

Otherwise, everything's been really good. More later.

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