Sunday, August 31

Stokes champ election

+ This issue of Sports Illustrated includes one prediction that the Cubs will make the World Series, one that the Vikes will make the playoffs, and two that the Pats will win the Super Bowl. I am doomed ;-)

+ My friend Benet, who happens to be African-American, has a nice post about the historical nature of the Obama nomination in terms of her own family's history.

+ defective yeti mostly does comedy, but here's an interesting piece of political analysis: choosing such a young and inexperienced VP candidate will give the Dems more license to talk about McCain's age and health.

+ Remember when I posted about having coffee with the Stokes clan but no picture. Well, this is pretty much what they looked like (down to Mary's car with bike on back):

Such great folks! It's like being with family :-)

+ When they visited, Paul gave me the book Mover of Men and Mountains, the autobiography of RG LeTourneau. Very interesting book about a pioneer in the earth moving and heavy equipment industry. Out of his Christian conviction he resolved to keep only 10% of his profits and gave the rest to charity.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sean. This is Ben Miller, a friend of Ryan's from high school. I was thinking of him recently, we kind of lost touch a while ago. Could you pass along my email to him: Thanks.

Macon said...

I wish I could have been with you all!

I'm also reading MoM&M. Also finding it very interesting.

Sean said...

me, too, M. hoping to pick up the Austin Stokeses in September! :-)

MoM&M could be subtitled 'When Modernism Attacks', in engineering and faith. but, otoh, Modernism wasn't all bad...

mary said...

Hey--nice to see us here! It was a fun stop; come join the Stokeses anytime, with your family too, of course. (Macon, if only you were more east coast...)

Sean said...

thanks, Mary!

actually, i finagled my next business trip to Austin, so i'll be visiting the beatses and their ilk! :-)