Sunday, August 24

Obama and predisposition

Ok, I took the plunge and support Obama on my Facebook profile. Lisa (Mark's better half ;-) asked me about it, and here's what I wrote:
sure, since Mark is a conservative, he can counter every pro-Obama point, just like a real liberal could counter every pro-McCain point.

i recognize in myself a tendency to rationalize to the left. i say i'm a moderate, even come out a moderate in those tests you can take, argue both sides, then vote for the Democrat. i see this same bent in most people, i daresay including Mark ;-)

predispositions, assumptions, presuppostions, heck, even just plain old values (not moral values, necessarily, but like 'i value X over Y'). that kind of stuff.

i've certainly never been susceptible to being argued or convinced into voting Repub, though i can recognize valid positions and criticisms. haven't run into too many many people who are truly uncommitted, though there must be some.


Anonymous said...

I'd make some cogent, esoteric, moment of clarity comment BUT I can't stop laughing. Excuse me please, Bubba. I gotta leave the room. luv ya dude. ;~)

PS I'll quote a famous person we both know: "What's wrong with those people?" heh heh heh

Sean said...

glad you liked it, G ;-)

Paul said...

My fear is that both of these gentlemen, Obama and McCain, are interventionists, people who believe in top down solutions, and so in that respect it's a coin-flip. Each of them has the same DNA in this respect as GW. Neither has any serious executive experience. (I was hoping Obama would choose the governor of VA as his running mae.) But in terms of wisdom and maturity, I think the choice is clear. People who have never run a business of their own but only know politics (or, in McCain's case, only federal government jobs) are problematical enough, but at least having more years under one's belt raises the possibility that one understands what it means to live (and pay taxes) at a distance from the government trough. And I take McCain's foreigh policy and military experience very, very seriously.

Sean said...

good point on intervention, Paul.

hmm. it is clear that the clear choice for you is not the clear choice for me ;-)

Paul said...

It will be fun to watch, Sean.