Friday, August 29

Friday weigh-in


Hooray! I lost 2.5 pounds last week! Finally, something more than 1!

The Weight Watchers site, when I put my weight in today, said something like 'We don't recommend that you lose more than 2 pounds a week. Please change your approach.'

Me: Are you out of your mind? ;-)

Anyway, it's a nice surprise because, as I wrote in my belated post last week, I totally fell off the Points wagon Friday, Saturday, and some of Sunday. But I was down to 198.5 by Wednesday. Up a little Thursday, but back down today. Hooray!

Impossibly hopeful wish: If I could keep up 2 pounds a week, I'd be down to my goal by December 12th. Seems kind of unrealistic, though. I mean, there's our anniversary, Disney World Vacation, probably two business trips, Christine's birthday and Thanksgiving. What do you think? I think it's too much to hope for.

How many times have I had to get down below 200 again? I think this is the 4th. That sucks.

The desperate prayer that always comes to mind:

'Dear God, please don't let me get up above 200 ever again.'

Obviously I've been the problem, and this is not a mature prayer, but there you have it.

Push-ups continue to go well for my part. I hedge because some genius thought it was a good idea to go from 69 push-ups at the end of week 2 to 99 on the first day of week 3. Not possible, at least for me. I did all of the first 4 sets, 74, but only 10 of the last set of 25. I'll either stay on this day until I can complete it or repeat the week until I can complete it. We'll see.

Thanks for your continued support. Keep those thoughts and prayers headed my way.
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