Saturday, August 16

Friday weigh-in

Ok, I did weigh-in yesterday; just didn't get it posted.

202. One pound down. Not as much as I would hope, but...

When I try to think on the positive side, this is life change, right? I'm trying to change how I eat for good. As long as I'm doing that and losing weight, I'll eventually get where I want to be.

Sure I wish it would be sooner. I even wish I had started on a lower-calorie diet to begin with, maybe even just liquids to get that first big bump I've gotten before.

Oh, well. The main thing is to be going in the right direction.

Further, when I got on the scale this morning (I weigh-in everyday, though many people say you shouldn't), I was 201.5. So more of the right direction.

I did all my push-ups this week, too, but came to realize I was a little mistaken last week. In the first week, you don't do the same numbers everyday: they change each day. I did 5 sets for a total of 41 push-ups Mon, Wed, and Fri. I was supposed to do 5 sets for 41, 54, and 63.

Oops. Corrected that this week, basically doing week 1 over again. No worries. Still getting good exercise, including yoga.

Please remember to pray for me/send positive thoughts my way. And thanks for your support this far!
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