Sunday, August 24

Friday weigh-in (a couple days late)

I did weigh-in on Friday; just writing it up now.

Weighing-in is no science. Weight varies a lot from day to day. That's one reason people say don't weigh yourself every day.

On the other hand, I started weighing in ever day on two versions of the Hacker's Diet that uses a weighted average (no pun intended ;-)

If you can keep from riding an emotional coaster from elation to disappointment, it's nice to have more data. It can even be encouraging.

Because it's possible to have 'bad' weigh-ins. Sorta like mine on Friday.

'Bad' is probably a little too strong. But at least one day last week I was 199.5. That was exciting. Friday, only 201.5. Still, I'm in that range, so that's encouraging.

Most of us want to lose weight faster than it comes off.

On the other hand, steady weight loss is usually pitched as more desirable by reputable outfits because we're striving for holistic behavior and lifestyle changes. After all, we probably never gained more than one pound per week.

Plus, I think I'm getting my points tuned. I had a problem with accounting for one of my staple foods. Now I've got it worked out. I was under-reporting points, so it'll be interesting to see the result as I stick to a more accurate accounting.

Still doing well with exercise, especially push-ups. So I'll start week 3 on Monday.

Sunday update: Ok, I wrote most of that on Friday (at least the notes). Totally fell off the wagon Friday night (pizza at a friend's house) and Saturday (in-laws in town Saturday - Mexican and Olive Garden). Going out is bad for me. Must get back on wagon. It's a waste of my WW investment to not be working on my weight loss, right?!

Ack! Almost forgot: please keep praying and thinking about me! And thanks for all of your support so far!
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