Tuesday, April 17

What's better than working on one laptop?

We drove about 6 hours Friday night, heading back home from visiting my baby brother, Ryan, and his family in Houston. We finally made it to Vicksburg, Mississippi and up to our room in the Holiday Inn Express. The twins were ready for bed, in their pajamas, and I pulled out my laptops to start working. I said, 'Hey Bethy, do you know what's better than working on one laptop?' ;-)

I had supposed when I got my new work laptop that I would switch completely to it and pass on my personal laptop to Christine.

But I don't like my company Dell Latitude D620 as well as I like my personal Compaq Presario V5000. I much prefer the Compaq's HD widescreen and the 'touch' of the touchpad and the wider keyboard layout.

Plus, I can only access the company intranet on the company laptop because it requires VPN. And the company network requires Internet Explorer which I can use, of course, but which I do not like to use regularly. I'm a power Firefox user, using many keyboard shortcuts and keyword bookmarks that don't work in IE. There are still many things I can do for work outside of the company intranet, with Firefox, but going back and forth between VPN/IE and normal Internet/Firefox is annoying.

Solution: Work on both laptops at the same time. And it's working great.

Question: Is Christine left in the lurch? I don't think so, but she can comment here differently, if necessary. I can easily make one laptop at least partially available to her almost any time. And she still has the desktop...

We'll see how we adapt going forward, but that's the current configuration.
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