Thursday, April 26

Hurin and Bjorn

Links for a couple more topics, sparsely annotated:

+ Mark links to an interesting take on The Children of Hurin by the psuedonymous Spengler of Asia Times Online. The lead:

J R R Tolkien was the most Christian of 20th-century writers, not because he produced Christian allegory and apologetics like his friend C S Lewis, but because he uniquely portrayed  the tragic nature of what Christianity replaced. Thanks to the diligence of his son Christopher, who reconstructed the present volume from several manuscripts, we have before us a treasure that sheds light on the greater purpose of his The Lord of the Rings.

+ Could one definition of 'genius' be the person who finally tells you what makes perfect sense? I'd put Tom in that category. I'd also put Bjorn Lomborg in there. I read his stuff or listen to him and wonder 'How can anyone disagree with this?' That we should invest our global aid on projects that will have the most benefit?

And, in case you were wondering, I actually stumbled across Lomborg first ;-)

Anyway, Tom links Bjorn again today, specifically a brief interview on the Jim Lehrer News Hour. I went from there to Wikipedia , and found Bjorn's TED talk over there.

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