Thursday, April 19

He's always Harry Potter-n to me

The twins don't pronounce his name 'Harry Pottern' anymore, but I still prefer it. Two stories that come from Christine having recently read them Prisoner of Azkaban:

1. Christine loves Jim Dale's reading of the Harry Potter books. She basically listens all the way through all of the books and then starts over. Sometimes she throws in a Jane Austen book on tape in the middle. And she mostly listens in the kitchen while she cooks or washes dishes, so, hey, she can listen to whatever she wants as far as I'm concerned. (Well, not Rush Limbaugh or similar...).

Anyway, we often describe Jim Dale in passing as 'the best reader in the world' or some such. But Bethy is firm that she likes Christine's reading better than Jim Dale's. I think, in Christine's estimation, this is about the nicest compliment she has ever gotten.

2. One night Wil said 'If I was a student at Hogwarts, and they had Guard Boys, and a dementor tried to mess with me, I'd be, like, 'Oh yeah, well I know a lot of spells! EX-PECT-O PA-TRO-NUM!'

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